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Valuation Service Offerings

Whether you are considering selling your business, beginning the exit planning process, or performing other financial planning, it is important to start with a baseline value. 

Knowing the current value of your business and its assets can also affect personal decisions, like estate or tax planning, and may be invaluable in helping you understand the value drives within your business. The certified professionals at Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions provide independent analysis utilizing accepted valuation methodologies to produce a well-reasoned, supportable valuation that is right for your situation.

How We Create a Business Valuation

Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions is made up of a team of experienced certified business professionals who have a keen understanding of business financials and value. We follow a systematic process in gathering facts, doing research and analysis that result in a well documented and defensible valuation report.  Experience and insight, in addition to an in-depth understanding of valuation methodology, are critical to reaching an accurate result. 


Valuation Services

At Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions, we offer three valuation service offerings. These include:

How to Use Your Business Valuation

Once you have your business valuation, you can use it for:

Knowing the value of your business is essential for your financial and future planning. Contact Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions today to discuss your business valuation needs. 

Valuation Uses




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